An Old Orc Song

Hi, anybody here? Let me introduce myself. I’m Master Muck. Are you listening? I can’t see you. I’m blind, you know. But I can hear you, and even smell you. Hi, hi, hi. Please, come in, this is my cave. Not a luxury, perhaps a little dark inside, but warm and comfortable. What is happening? Are you angry? No? Perhaps you feel bad? I’d rather say you’re suffering a gas problem. I’m right? I can smell it. But please, don’t worry, feel free to… relax. Do you know this old Orc song?

Everybody farts, sometimes.

Sometimes you are not alone.

So someone hears the sound.

And sometimes smells the wrong.

So, hold on, ass in pomp, throw long.

R.A.M. –Rapid Ass Movement.

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